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At North Shore Acupuncture we guide our patients towards optimum health through various forms of treatment and lifestyle counselling. We pride ourselves on treating the cause of the problem  and not simply masking  symptoms.
This web site has been created for both new and current patients. It includes specific information on our practice and specialities, along with general wellness information.


Craig Webb  is  registered as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist in the Province of B.C. He has practiced in  the Lower Mainland in general and specialized medical practices for over  twenty seven years. 

Craig has a broad range of experience from working in hospital and work place environments to senior care homes and hospice's. He has also treated athletes from both professional and amateur sports. He can accomodate home visits and treatments at his private practice. What has impressed Craig the most in his observations with recovery is; given the right enviornment and process, our bodies can overcome many seemingly challenging obstacles to fascillitate impressive improvement from illness and acute and chronic pain. He has had very good success with cases that Western medicine has thrown the towl in and stated "your going to have to live with that". His message is "don't give up" and if you haven't tried acupuncture therapies please give them a try because you have nothing to lose as they are safe and have no side effects

Craig currently splits his time working in his private clinic in North Vancouver near Lions Gate Hospital and also, as the lead acupuncturist at the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction for Provincial Health Services.
Phone: 604.728.4325

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