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:This is a small list from Dr. Webb's many satisfied clients


 I remember first coming to you for treatment of the nerve pain in my jaw after a dental procedure had hit a nerve. Your treatment in 40 minutes cured, what the dentist had not been able to fix in three repeated visits after the initial injury.

After that you helped myself and my son for whiplash injuries from car accidents. You have helped my daughter and other son for sports injuries. Now, you are helping my husband with his Kidney recovery.

A big Thank You from all of us.

Patti                    Spring 2019 


Nervous about my first visit. What will it be like? Will it hurt? Will it work? Dr. Craig Webb is so knowledgeable and reassuring, it's hard not to get comfortable.

After years of suffering from intestinal issues and many unsuccessful treatment options, this is the first time in ages I can finally and honestly say that I have some control over my health issues and have been beginning to live my life comfortably again. Cannot recommend this highly enough! Anyone who is suffering, not finding relief in common western medicine, even if you're just curious, I urge you to book at least one session with Dr. Webb. You will not be disappointed!

Chantal M. - Sept 2017 


 Hello Craig it's Jacob MacDonald. After my last visit I no longer needed any other treatment for my shoulder. I have been to the gym every second day since then and have had no pain at all in my shoulder.

That was years of pain wiped away in just a few sessions with you. So I wanted to thank you and say I'm a strong believer in your practice and have been recommending acupuncture to other people. I was hoping I could put a testimonial on your website if possible. Thanks again and let me know.

Jacob Macdonald July 2017


   Craig changed my life!

I had debilitating sciatic pain that left me exhausted and defeated. I was ready to give up. I tried every possible pain management and rehabilitative treatment I could find, from surgery to pain medication to physio, massage, nerve blocks, etc. After living with chronic pain for more than two years I resigned myself to the fact that this was it it was only possible to find short-term, minimal relief and I would just have to learn to live with it.

It was at this point that I went to see Craig and during our first meeting he told me "I can help you. You will get better." I was (of course) doubtful, but a piece of me lit up when I heard this because every other practitioner just focused on pain management and not complete recovery. After a few treatments I started feeling better and the results lasted. Then one day I woke up and realized that I no longer had sciatica pain. I had started living a normal life again. I was able to finally carry out my dream and have a baby and am now enjoying life to the fullest! I'm so grateful.

Thank you Craig!

And on another note, thanks for relieving my neck pain and my breast milk supply is at full capacity. I no longer have to supplement with formula.

Thanks again!

Maurie M, RN, MSN


Thank you for the acupuncture treatments. You have not only helped me with the treatments for the pain in my head, neck and shoulder, but for the T.M.J.
For over 5 months I've had stress/TMJ headaches around my right temple, compromising also my right eye.
Ibuprofen would bring temporary relief to the symptoms but not really help in the long run.

Then, I also had neck pain caused by the jaw problem. Subsequently the first treatment, I felt 100 X's better.
After few more Dr. Craig Webb’s acupuncture treatments, the residual discomfort is almost completely gone.  I am very grateful to Craig as he has very successfully treated me for TMJ in my jaw

Karina Platon Nov 2014 


Hi Craig,
Just wanted to let you know that my elbows are feeling much better – they seem to be a little improved each day.
Thanks for your diligence in getting to the root of the pain.
Best regards,
Alison   Feb 2014

I went to Craig with a multitude of problems that he treated as a whole. Various symptoms of pain, fatigue, organ and blood function have all diminished. I now sleep without waking to pain, my latest blood work was problem free for the 1st time in years and I go through my days without an overwhelming sense of fatigue. All this in 4 sessions. 

As my disease is chronic, I intend to continue with monthly, tune-up visits so as to keep this old body humming along.
Thank you Craig.
Monica, N.Van  Oct, 2013

 Hi Craig,
My name is nicki and I came to you few years back with my son Keon who was 7 at the time. I had body pains and he got treatment for his migraines.
He hadn't had a true migraine attack all these years until last night.  He is almost 15 now and I guess his migraines are back with the onset of his puberty. We need to come back to you again. Please call me at 604-*** **** so I can book him in as soon as possible.
Thank you. Nicki
I have had acupuncture treatments form several Acupuncturists including a Chinese Dr. of acupuncture as well as a Physiotherapist acupuncturist.

Craig Webb, Doctor of Chinese Medicine  bar none is the most accurate, helpful one I have seen for my back pain and stress.  He has a calming, holistic matter of fact way of treating his clients.  He is caring and compassionate as well as perfectionistic in his approach, in a "good way".  He zeros in on all the tender points you have and treats them all.  He also does acupressure afterwards and answers any questions you have before and after treatment.  You always have a glass of water waiting for you after treatment.  Also his dog Sofie is a small gentle dog that adds character to the treatment.  I was encouraged to see Craig from my friend and am very happy I went.

Kind Regards

Becky Lynn Brechin, RN, BScN


I first consulted Craig because a pinched nerve in my jaw.  The pain was so great that I could not close my mouth properly and had to endure muscles spasms in jaw and on one side of my face. After the first visit the pain and spasms were 85% gone and after the second visit the pain was pretty much all gone.Craig is an extremely skilled, gentle and compassionate acupuncturist.   He also has a great knowledge of the body, Craig also has a deep understanding of the relationship between mind and body as well of the multiple impacts that a stressful life can have on a body.   Thank you Craig! 
A. StoweVancouver,
August 2010


I had been reading about "Acupuncture Facelift" for a while when I came across Craig's website and decided to give it a try.  Acupuncture is a natural way to stimulate the collagen and elastin production of the skin, which decreases as people age. After about 3 sessions, I started to notice a softening of my facial lines and jawline, as well as over all smoother skin.  This
improvement continued through the 10 recommended sessions. 

I am very pleased with the results and would recommend facial acupuncture to anyone looking for a soft, natural lift and refresher.  Craig is very personable and very knowledgeable in both acupuncture and TCM.

Diana G.

About four years ago i met Craig Webb, having had some lower back problems over the years I had purchased two acupuncture sessions from an auction in The Vancouver Sun and it just happened that at the time I received them my back had gotten really bad, so bad in fact I was considering canceling a family visit to Denmark because i couldn’t face having to sit on a plane for 10-11 hours. When i walked in I had trouble walking and when i left after the first session i had no pain at all, that was certainly enough to convince me to come back even though the pain returned the next day, after about 5-6 sessions I was completely pain free and went on my trip with no problems at all, since then i have required only the occasional session for my back about every 6 to 8 months. Those first sessions were my introduction to acupuncture I have since learned a lot more about this wonderful way of helping the body heal itself, Graig has helped me through some tough times with neck and shoulder pain and got me through having a tooth pulled with no pain at all but it isn’t just aches and pains I have come to him with, most recently it was my complaints (whining) about hot flashes and weight gain from menopause that we worked on and im happy to say that after two sessions my hot flashes disappeared and have only now after 3 months slowly started again and the weight gain is under control and so is my cravings for sweets and the weight is coming down slowly.I have to say that I am very impressed by this method of healing but i am also very fortunate to have found such a compassionate and skilled person in Craig, he always has time to listen and gives advice freely without judging , even if it isnt always followed to the letter. I can recommend not only this form of treatment but Craig Webb as a highly skilled and compassionate professional healer.

Sincerely, Kirsten Nielsen

"I went to Craig Webb because I was experiencing really bad headaches for several weeks and I took over the counter medications to help with the pain but they didn’t really help. I tried acupuncture a couple of times and noticed right after each treatment how significantly I felt better. It really amazed me how fast it worked and I haven’t had the headaches ever since. Craig is very knowledgeable and is a true expert in the field. I would highly recommend him, thanks Craig"

B. Prasad April 2011


I was suffering a severe case of Repetitive Strain Injury of my right hand when I was referred
Dr Craig Webb at North Shore Acupuncture.  His treatment has made a world of difference
in the healing of my hand, which was almost unusable when I began seeing him.  I had been
to another acupuncturist before Craig and was ambivalent about the effectiveness of the
treatment.  I was struck by the positive difference in Craig’s approach in treating patients
from my first visit.  Craig is clearly an expert in his field and shows a genuine interest in his
patients’ well-being and in helping them heal.  Anyone considering acupuncture would do
well to consider going to Craig."
Francesca  Sutton


Hi Craig  I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous improvement in my migraines since acupuncture treatment with you: 12 years of excruciating, nauseating, disabling 72 hour premenstrual migraines 80% better in 3 months of acupuncture.Now I require much less medication to manage my migraines and often achieve complete relief with 400 mg of Ibuprophen.Furthermore, I am still able to work as the migraines are no longer severe, and I no longer vomit into the desk waste basket. 

 Dr. Elizabeth C. 
It was actually my chiropractor who suggested I see Craig for the intense
neck pain I was experiencing after having limited success with
chiropractic manipulation.

I can only best describe my pain as an intense knife-like, pulling
sensation which would trigger randomly from the slightest of
movements. When triggered, the pain was so intense that I would feel
like vomiting and at times I was unable to move. In addition, the
upper left side of my body would experience weakness.

From the onset, Craig was very attentive to my concerns and listened
carefully to the type of pain I was experiencing and the negative
effect it was having on my quality of life. I am in my mid-thirties
and not being able to get out of bed some days or not being able to
function at my work was very concerning.

The most interesting thing that Craig said to me was that his
intention was to resolve my condition in about 4-6 treatments. Having
a strong background in the sciences, I must admit that I was perplexed
at this statement at first. This is also after seeing my family doctor
and having a MRI of my neck which yielded no clinically relevant

I can safely say that after the short treatment regime, it is nothing
short of a miracle. The pain in my neck has not returned."
 Dr. Aly A   October 2012
Hi Craig

I wanted to thank you for treating my allergies and allergy induced asthma.
I have had them since moving to
13 years ago and they last for about 8 weeks in spring time.
I have tried antihistamines and homeopathic remedies, but none of them have much of an effect and I use a steroid based inhaler to prevent the asthma.
As a person who tends to only believe in science and things I can understand, I was a bit dubious about acupuncture, but thought it was worth a try, anything to be able to sleep at night..
After the first treatment I managed to sleep all night, I hadn't done this for over a month due to a blocked nose and sinuses waking me up usually every 2 to 2.5 hrs.
I stopped taking all my other allergy medications, even my inhaler. The following night I only woke up once.
I'm amazed, after 4 treatments I am not suffering any more.

I'll be back next year before allergy season.
Ian Markby
Hi Craig,

Just a note to tell you that the pull nerve in my neck, feels a whole lot better today after the treatment yesterday.

While driving home I thought back how many times you have treated me over the years, (I believe about 15 years!) with being active and having a physical job you are a miracle worker!

 I think back to our first meeting, I was having a shoulder problem. I had been to doctors and was told that I would need to get a cortisone shot and possibly surgery. I was told about you, but was very reluctant, thinking how could a=guy who stick needles in you, like a voodoo doll possibly be able to do any good after what the doctors had told me. After examining my shoulder,=you told me you could help me, again I was very skeptical, you then proceeded to do your "magic" and asked me how it felt, it felt great I told you, but in my mind I thought its going to hurt by the time I walk out of this office. My shoulder hasn't been a problem since that day and it was =one in a single session!

Thank you Craig for keeping me active and pain free!

Rory Gill
I had had Shingles. And the aftermath... for approximately 4 months and was fed up with the aching.  I was left with a neuralgic pain in the area where the Shingles had erupted.  My Doctor suggested two options.  Pills, which I had no intention of taking, or acupuncture.  Thank goodness for my new-age, progressive doctor. I took his advice and attended Mr. Webb's clinic. My first session with Craig was my first visit ever into this alternative style medicine.  The pain which I had was so significantly relieved, that I felt able to "breathe" easily the next day.  Although there is some residual pain, there is nothing on an everyday basis which is intolerable.  I consider the treatment to be very significant in relieving that pain.   My second visit to Mr. Webb, was after extensive dental surgery, which had lasted 2 1/2 hours.  My jaw 8 days later was very sore and nothing seemed to help relieve the pain.  Very tensed by the time of my appointment, the session began by trying to relieve the tension in my whole body.  In doing so, there was sudden very loud "crack".  The aching in my jaw began to loosen.  I believe that at that time my jaw went back into the socket....   I found on both visits, Craig Webb to be very professional and skilled in this Chinese Traditional medicine and would not hesitate to go back to him.  

Mary Cummings   North Vancouver 


Hi Craig I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous improvement in my migraines since acupuncture treatment with you over the last year. 

Caroline Guille


About 15 years ago I was suffering with severe lower back issues which prevented me from driving or even sitting at the dinner table with my family. My family doctor had meeating 24 ibuprofen / day, waiting for a ct scan and mri. He also was making noise about Surgery. I called Craig as I was always intrigued by acupuncture and had never tried it. After three sessions with Craig I was about 95% recovered and well on my way to recovery. My doctor was astonished when I showed up at his office. I have not had thatback issue since.Recently I have been suffering with a medical issue called menieres disease, a particularly crippling problem in the inner ear which causes severe vertigo and extreme nausea putting the victim in the fetal position for many hours on end. It strikes suddenly and usually with little warning. My ear specialist basically said it will run its course, not much help to me. Again I sought out Craig and after three sessions, my dizzy spells andnausea have subsided and I feel back to my normal self. Craig has given me back my life on two occasions and obviously I am very grateful. 

Bill Jecks


 Last year I had a full radical hysterectomy that left my bladder non-functional. I was only able to empty my bladder by a catheter. The doctors had no treatments to offer me and could not promise me a quick recovery. So, I went to see Craig for acupuncture.  The morning after the second treatment, I was able to partially void without a catheter. After my third treatment I was able to void about 80% capacity the very next day!  The rest was history, and I was able to throw out the catheters the end of that week.  My doctor was impressed with how the acupuncture helped the healing process of my bladder.  So, thanks to Craig for making those happen for me.  
L.C.   North Vancouver


Craig has administered to my many sports injuries over the years with sometimes amazing success and always to the point of resolution. I play hockey, bike, run and ski and occasionally have the need for someone to patch me up. I’ve tried all methods of treatment from physiotherapy, massage therapy etc and find the acupuncture works best for me. What I like about Craig’s treatments is he doesn’t treat you as just another number and treats each client as an individual with unique symptoms and needs. My wife also attends sessions with Dr. Webb and also gets great results. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig as a therapist to anyone for his expertise and listening skills. 

Charles Boname


As a triathelete I challenge my body and it has always responded however, I started noticing over the last two races my knees seemed to give out and I would have very stiff muscles that nothing could relieve, usually not even massage. A fellow nurse recommended I try some acupuncture with Craig and I have to say I’m very impressed with the results. On a similar note recently I pulled my calf muscle to the point I was reduced to hobbling with a severe limp. I immediately thought of Craig and made an appointment and he did acupuncture and put a herb poultice on it and I was able to leave his office with hardly a sign of a limp. By the next day it had completely improved. I love acupuncture! 

Fiona P.  RN


Before seeing Craig I had been experiencing fatigue and a weak immune system for about two years.  I looked into food allergies and eliminated many potential allergens/food from my diet with little result.  After four visits with Craig I started feeling like my old self again and my energy levels have seemed to increase to the levels before.

 Shannon Klipa

Personal Trainer


 Although it was recommended that I try acupuncture I was a skeptic right up until the day I entered Dr. Webb’s office.  He inquired what my reasons for coming were and I told him that I have Asthma that seems to be getting worse although I’ve had it most of my life. I rely too much on my puffers and I was getting anxious that they were not doing my body any good. I wanted to try a natural route and did some research and had seen that acupuncture was a treatment to try. Well, it’s been three years now since I did a course of treatments with Craig and I\m pleased to say that I haven’t touched my puffers since and even allergies that I had (which would flare my asthma symptoms) at certain times of the year have reduced almost to the point of being non existent. 
Peter Morgana



 I went to see Craig after having no luck with physio for a painful upper back and shoulder and wasn't really expecting it to make any difference, but I thought "why not", while we were talking I started having a hot flash and flippantly asked if he could help with that as well, (I REALLY DIDN"T EXPECT MUCH), not only was the pain gone at the end of the first visit, the hot flashes, although not totally gone, was scaled back to manageable after the third visit. Dr. Craig Webb is very professional and knowledgeable and at the same same time extremely caring, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has pain and had no relief elsewhere, or better still, go see Craig first! 
Elaine Smith


 My doctor recommended I see Craig Webb for some acupuncture as I had problems with dizziness and depression and didn’t want anymore medication.  I also have chronic hip pain. I can tell you that I caught myself singing in my apartment after the treatment and I never sing anymore until now because I’m feeling so much better. Thanks Craig 

Lois Balance RN


I have seen probably more that eight acupuncturists in the New York City area before moving to Vancouver and discovering Craig’s talents as a Dr. of Traditional Chinese medicine. I would have to say that he has equal if not a better grasp of the skill and knowledge required for his profession than anyone I have visited over the years. 

Gary Thompson


After having lived with a muscular injury to my shoulder for many years and finding traditional forms of treatment such as anti-inflammatory drugs, physio and massage therapy to be ineffective, I finally decided to seek what many still consider to be an alternative and dubious form of healing. 
Originally unsure of its potential healing ability myself, I cautiously approached Dr. Webb and sought my first acupuncture treatment several years ago.  After my first consultation and treatment session, my skepticism quickly vanished.  I miraculously found that just after my first session, my shoulder pain had largely diminished and mobility and strength were beginning to return. 
After about 6 sessions spaced one week apart, I had seen better results in that time, then I would have with 6 years of other forms of treatment. 
Acupuncture is one of those mysteries that our culture hasnt quite yet accepted as genuine, but Dr. Webb offers a very comfortable atmosphere and relaxing ambience and his knowledge of the human body and its ability to heal itself is something that has helped me immensely. 
I would strongly recommend Dr. Webb's service to anyone that has been or is living with some form of pain resulting from injury, particularly, if like me, you have found other forms of treatment to be ineffective. 
Shaun Creaney
Feb 1st, 2008


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